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The Satanic Attack On One Man And One Woman Joined In the Sexual Union Called Marriage

The Healing Of The Centurion's Servant: An Affirmation Of Homosexuality?

Adult trans woman to serve two years in juvenile facility for attack on 10-year-old girl

Go figure: Female swimmers are uncomfortable with men in their locker rooms

Lia Thomas' Teammate Reveals Trans Swimmer Doesn't Always Cover Up His Genitals in Locker Room

UPenn Considering Lawsuit if Trans Swimmer Barred from Women's Tourney

Teammate of Transgender Swimming Champion Blows the Whistle on Perverted Behavior in the UPenn Locker Room

Dr. Fauci’s NIH is Paying LGBT Youth to Report on Sexual Encounters Without Parental Consent

Revolting: $8 Million NIH-Funded Study Secretly 'Recruited' Teen Boys, Paid Them to Document 1 Vile Act

Parents of girl who tried to hang herself after 'secret gender identity meetings' slam school staff